Essex’s first and only cat café

Essex One & Only Cat Cafe.
Great Cats, Great Food, Great Drink.

Gift Cards


A Standard Entry Gift Card

A Gift Card to use for Afternoon Tea


Our gift cards can be used for online bookings or to purchase items within our Essex cafe. 

Our Rules

Please note we are currently running at a reduced capacity to allow for
social distancing.
We do not take any bookings for groups over 6.
Due to current Coronavirus conditions, masks must be worn
when you are not seated at your table and we ask you to
keep 2 metres from guests not on your table when possible.
Please sanitize your hands upon entry and after petting the cats.
Sanitizer is provided in kitty dispensers on every table.
Please feel free to stroke and play with the cats as they love a nice fuss,
but do not pick up the cats. We also ask that you do not kiss the cats or wake up sleeping cats.
Please do not feed the cats – unless permission has been
given by staff.
Please do not bring your own cat with you.
We welcome children under 11s during our allocated slots and
encourage children to learn about caring for animals. However, we expect children to be fully supervised.
Anyone found to be acting inappropriately will be asked to leave.
Children’s slots are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:45am and 10:15am or Sundays at 10:15am and 12:45pm. Under 3s are free to enter but you must call ahead. Children under 11 will not be permitted at any other time.

What do we do?


We have a variety of kitties that can’t wait to meet you!


We offer a range of delicious shakes.


We offer a selection of delicious savoury items.


Weekly Events

Weekly events to get involved in with our cats.


We offer a selection of delicious cakes.

Afternoon Tea

Join us & our cats for afternoon tea.

Our Packages

Standard Entry Booking

  • – 1 Hour Entry
  • – Limited to 6 Guests
  • – Option to purchase food and drink

Afternoon Tea

  • – Special afternoon tea
  • – Entry fee included
  • – Limited to 6 guests at a time

Our Team

Our Food
Our Food

Our Cats
Our Cats

Our Cafe
Our Cafe

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